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More TOC commentary

If you can’t tell, I’m a little into journal TOC images. I enjoy ones which are either really well done, or really ridiculous. They grab your attention, which should really be the goal.

With the number of journals I skim via RSS (39 at the moment, it varies) I need the title or the TOC to jump out at me. Normally I’m just reading the titles, deciding if it is a) relevant to something I’m working on or have worked on, b) immediately gives me an idea for a proposal, or c) just sounds really interesting.

If your title doesn’t do any of those 3, you have a last chance with your TOC image. (Tangential point, some journals need to get their RSS feeds together, more on that in another post.) Put some time into your image, whether it be for making it look really good, or really ridiculous. With the time it took you to do the research and write the paper, is an hour or two for a chance to increase readership too hard?

Example of lazy TOC which prompted this post:


A photo of a molecular model? Sigh.

Yogurt Chemistry

Supercapacitors from food, nice and green, definitely safer than the other way around.

yogurt abstract

Some highlights:

The yogurt forming process is mediated by the bacteria, and hence this precursor has high nitrogen content which can get doped into carbon upon controlled precursor pyrolysis.

Yogurt, a novel precursor and an easily scalable and manufacturable food item, can yield high quality heavily nitrogen doped porous carbon with excellent supercapacitor properties.

For our experiments yogurt and milk of best quality supplied by renowned Indian diary cooperative, named Amul-Masti and Amul-Taaza, respectively, were purchased.

yogurt SEM

I’m just disappointed there was no awesome TOC image.

[J. Mater. Chem. A]

An ode to rotisserie

A response to my Thanksgiving invitation:

A rotisserie is like a really morbid Ferris wheel for chickens.
It’s a really strange concept. We will kill a chicken, impale it.
Then rotate it slowly over a wood fire.
And I’ll be damned if I’m not hungry.
Cause spinning chicken carcasses make my mouth water.
I prefer dizzy chicken, with a side of potatoes of some sort.

Rotisserie Turkey


OpenSnow, can’t you at least lie to me?

nm snow

Admiring Naomi

This was an odd email to get. Shockingly, I did not sign up for this Instagram account…


Whoever did however, is creepy:


Manuel better watch himself.

Does shaking increase the pressure inside a bottle of champagne?

This is a real article. In a real journal. Oh, France…

champagne abs

Let’s also not forget the excellent TOC image:

champagne toc

In case you’re curious, here’s the gist of the conclusion:

“The main outcome of the experiments on shaking is that the pressure inside the bottle does not change “much”, in so far as the system initially was close to Henry equilibrium. This observation then rules out the common belief that shaking a bottle of champagne increases the internal pressure. Significant changes of the pressure do occur if the system initially was far from equilibrium, meaning that stirring the liquid just helps in quickly establishing the equilibrium pressure.”

“If opening occurs just after shaking, the immense majority of bubbles are super-critical, and then effervescence starts fiercely. There is no pressure increase prior to opening, and the pressure in the bottle neck keeps close to zero once the bottle is opened. Gushing only lasts for a few seconds, but can be prolonged by continuous shaking of the bottle. As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the liquid quickly decreases, so does the corresponding Henry pressure PH.”

Chemists Know

via Chemjobber


I’m not sure why this is funny to me. Probably because I’m sleep deprived.


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