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The main purpose of stopping in Albuquerque was to drive up to Santa Fe, to find a place to live. There was some time there before and after Santa Fe, so here it is.
The Albuquerque Museum was small but cheap, worth the visit. It’s also very close to the Rattlesnake Museum. Yes, the Rattlesnake Museum. The world’s largest collection of live rattlesnakes. They also have some scorpions and such, so I’m fairly convinced that New Mexico will kill me.
As a preview to starting at Los Alamos I took a trip to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, fun stuff.
After Santa Fe, came back to Albuquerque for a day with Amy. Went to the zoo, which was a pretty decent size, nothing compared to DC, Bronx, or San Diego obviously, but still good. In terms of apes, they have gorillas, orangutans, and gibbons, but no chimpanzees. Then wrapped up the day and finally saw The Hobbit.
For my last day, went to the Petroglyph Monument and saw ancient rock etchings. Crazy how they have remained after all these years. Also, I don’t think that “Nick hearts Tina” is an original, so people are assholes. Ended the day at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Learned a lot. There are 19 pueblos throughout New Mexico, would be awesome to visit some.
Albuquerque is definitely a small city, but fun. Only an hour from Santa Fe, so I imagine we will come down here somewhat regularly. In terms of the food: they put chiles on everything here. I will do okay here if for nothing else than the good alone.

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