Pond Skimming

pond skimming

Santa did it!

Bad Santa!

bad santa

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Merry Christmas!


22 More Days!


I made gingerbread for the first time. I’ve made a house before, but just out of a pre-made kit. Now to decide what to make…

Can it snow yet, please?
Need lab shaped cookie cutters
Want to go carol


Eggnog is so delicious

egg nogI wish they sold eggnog year round. Or… I could just make it myself! A couple years back, on Roosevelt Island, I made eggnog from scratch once, and it came out pretty decent. This weekend, I decided to try again, but with a raw recipe.

After some searching, I came up with Alton Brown’s eggnog recipe. Just look at the first half of it, the second half is an alternate recipe; a cooked version for those not so hot on drink raw eggs.

What’s in the egg nog you ask?

  • Whole milk
  • Cream
  • Raw eggs
  • Nutmeg
  • Sugar
  • Bourbon

Mmm… healthy.

I figured that since I never had any problem with eating cookie dough, this shouldn’t be any different. Fair warning was given to all who drank it. The bourbon might help with killing off anything as well.

Apparently they sell pasteurized eggs, which are safer to use. I’m still not 100% sure on how this works; my confusion understandable given a line from Wikipedia: “By traditional pasteurization methods, heating a raw shell egg to a high enough temperature to achieve pasteurization would also cook the egg.” They’re able to pasteurize eggs without cooking them through a series of warm water baths, which doesn’t clear it up that much for me, but it’s FDA approved.

Highly recommended in your coffee, in place of milk/cream. It tends to curdle from the heat of the coffee, but still tastes delicious if you can get over the thought of drinking curdled dairy.

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Mmm… salmonella
Why don’t they sell this year round?
I will produce it!


I Love Christmas Music

I guess I’ve listened to Sleigh Ride enough times this year that I’m now a top listener on Last.fm. Here’s my Christmas playlist:


What’s your favorite Christmas song? Carol of the Bells, hands down.

Feliz Navidad!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Hooray for Christmas!


Snow Titan


Yesterday (Christmas!) it started snowing really hard. I went out to take some pictures, and Uncle Jim said something about a snowman. I decided to make one. I measured, and it’s 8 foot, 6 inches tall. It took five and a half hours, and I did it all by myself. I know, I’m incredible.

You can see the final result above, and its evolution below.


I didn’t actually end up using the bin much.


The shovel ended up being much better. I cleared our sidewalks too.


Getting bigger… At this point I might have stopped, but I was inspired by Snowzilla.


The dirty looking snow is the stuff from the sidewalks mostly.


Time to start adding on past the base.


It’s starting to get darker, but I can’t stop; I feel driven.


I kept the shovel in all of these pictures so you’d have something to see it grow in reference to.


At some point, I was using a 2-step ladder, but that wasn’t enough anymore so I needed this real ladder to get high enough.


And he’s done!!! As you can probably assume, I’m really sore today. I have to give credit to Nick for the title, ‘Snow Titan’. I plan on taking pictures of him everyday as he melts away, so I’ll post those later. You can see all of these pictures and more in my Flickr stream.

A giant snowman
It was very fun to make
But now, I do ache.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Man, I love Christmas.

Uploaded file

And snow. Have a good one everyone!

Merry Christmas all!
Enjoy your gifts, and snow too
Feliz navidad!