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It’s true, I might like one or two of those.

Bacon Pancakes


Bacon bits mixed into pancake batter.


Grilled greased with bacon fat.



Needs bacon butter
And infused bacon syrup
Topped with bacon bits


Ben is my hero


Chemistry and bacon all in one? You win, sir. Also, you’re all following Request Comics, right?

It’s chemistry and
Bacon wrapped everything.
Life is oh so good.


Meaty Monday: Bacon Chicken Ramen Lo Mein

ramenDid you forget about Meaty Monday? I did, so we’ll just get started a week late. It’s also been a while since I tried out a new ramen recipe, so here’s combining them in one post.

Starting with the recipe for Sweet & Sour Chicken Lo Mein/Ramen, I made a few lot of substitutions based on what I had available.

  • Was really hungry so used two packs of ramen.
  • Started with cooked chicken, and didn’t have that much available, so added bacon too.
  • Used half red, half white onion; that’s what I had chopped up and frozen.
  • Didn’t have any sweet and sour sauce so I used honey and key lime juice.
  • Only had chicken flavor packets, so used those.

It was good, but next time I would only use 1 flavor packet instead of two, and I would scrap the key lime juice; definitely made it sour, but the taste was a little off.

Mmm… I love you meat
Better than Meatless Monday
Ramen’s always good


Bacon Party

datesI decided to make another bacon explosion, but didn’t want to put my body under the stress of eating it all by myself again, so I thought I would share. If only there was a way that I could benefit from sharing bacon… a bacon potluck? Good, but it needs a catchier name. Ah-ha! Bacon party!

The headliner for the evening was the bacon explosion, then all other guests were instructed to bring bacony goodness. Here’s the epiphany: Chocolate Bacon Explosion. It was amazing.

Other items that people brought:
Bacon-wrapped dates
Bacon/onion/mushroom spread
Bacon-wrapped asparagus
Bacon-wrapped breadsticks
Smokey bacon brie dip
Bacon grilled cheese sandwiches
Bacon salad cups
Candied bacon
Bacon chocolate bar

chocolateIt was a pretty brilliant evening, which probably shaved years off my life, as usual.

The chocolate bacon explosion was made by pouring chocolate chips into the sausage as it was being rolled. Since it was the first time I tried it, I started off by only making it half-chocolate, half-regular. It was well received, so next time I’m going full force. I also used a honey-pecan barbeque sauce, which was pretty amazing.

The night ended with slurpees, just like most nights should end.

(The word bacon appears in this post 19 times.)

A night of bacon
Explosion with chocolate
Sharing is caring


Bacon Explosion Day 2009

baconexplosionIf you’re reading this, odds are pretty good that you already know what the bacon explosion is, and that I already made one. If not, you should click those links. After finishing it off last time, I talked about wanting to do a speed run; eat the whole thing in one day. This week, my friend Amanda challenged me, and I can’t turn down a challenge.

Thus was born, ‘Bacon Explosion Day’, which will be held every year on April 16th from here on out. Making it was just as fun this time, and it went faster since I knew what I was doing. I learned a couple things as well; don’t forget to put rub on the bottom, and to cook it a little longer than last time.

blood pressureMy labmate Ed brought in a blood pressure monitor to check it through the day. I didn’t expect much change, but it actually went up from 121/69 with a pulse of 91 to 162/92 with a pulse of 73.

As Jailu informed me, this classifies me as having hypertension. Joy. I’m going to have to try and get in a lot of exercise this weekend, and maybe strive for eating healthy for a little bit. It was brought up that my experience is reminiscent of Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda. Check out the cake scene on YouTube.

What did I learn? I had to drink a lot of water. In retrospect, I wish I would have monitored just how much, but probably at least 2 gallons easy. It was harder than I expected at first, but I got used to it. Challenging? Yes. Impossible? Far from it.

Coming back to the blood pressure issue, I discussed this with Shashi, who’s in med school:

Will: but yeah, in your near-doctorly opinion: the high blood pressure, will that subside to normal levels overnight, or soon thereafter?
Shashi: I mean, im assuming your healthy and will be fine as soon as you pee a lot
Will: so you think the blood pressure rise was primarily due to salt content?
Shashi: probably entirely
Shashi: you increase the volume in the extracellular compartment
Shashi: more water = more plasma volume
Shashi: and more plasma volume = more blood pressure
Will: interesting; well thank you good sir
Shashi: I hope im right
Shashi: not about you being okay, just cuz im not so good with renal phys for boards

monitoringI twittered about it throughout the day, and got some pretty entertaining feedback. Here are some highlights:

empty_space: “You are going to give yourself and everyone around you simultaneous heart attacks. I can’t wait!”
RussSanders: “
This is hilarious to witness via Twitter. It’s like “super size me” with bacon.
mikeconaty: “
I am eager to adopt you as my Sensei and teacher. Please consider live streaming at least the first 1lbs worth. :-)”
tavianne: “
Its been an hour since your last tweet. Are you okay? Or has the Bacon Explosion done you in?”
Fabtraption: “
If you die from this bacon explosion, I’ll be proud to attend your funeral.”
davemunger: “
At my age, about the only sane way to experience something like that is vicariously”
alightheart: “
needs a chorus (a la Bruce Bogtrotter) of Will Will Will as he finishes his bacon explosion. http://twitpic.com/3dxbx
chemrat: “
I can’t believe you ate the whole thing…you are the bacon god :->”
raichan: “
Congratulations on hitting Stage 2 Hypertension, sir!”

the final biteWhile all of the above tweets were replies to me, empty_space and davemunger were also kind enough to spread the word:

empty_space: “Check out @willandbeyond. He’s attempting to eat an entire Bacon Explosion in one day! http://twitter.com/willandbeyond/status/1533852145
davemunger: “
See @willandbeyond — he’s livetweeting his ingestion of an entire Bacon Explosion. Complete with blood pressure/pulse updates”

Thanks to everyone else who replied to me, your support was entertaining: bsperrinjr, InvaderXan, 72suited, letssitoutside, o0omunkieo0o, JesseDill, pouy, BBQAddictsJason, justinlevy, and jayhawkbabe.

Expect more bacon explosion related updates in about a month; Amanda, who challenged me, has agreed to try this herself.

Bacon explosion
One man, one day, lots of meat
Now high blood pressure?


Birth of the Bacon Explosion

As I mentioned prior in Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, I planned to make the bacon explosion. True to my word, here it is for your salivating pleasure:

Bacon Explosion

Check out my Flickr set for the whole evolution, but here are some of the highlights. Weaving the bacon together took me a little bit to figure out, but once I did, it was really fun. My bacon was on the thinner side, so I used two strips stacked on one another. Instead of doing a 5×5 grid, I did a 8×7 grid.


Next, the recipe called for barbecue rub, and I didn’t really know what that was, so I found a recipe online. I went with Kansas City Rib Rub. I had to make a few changes; I didn’t have brown sugar, so I used regular sugar, and I didn’t have onion powder, so I just omitted that.


I rubbed the rub all over the bacon wrap. Afterwards, I decased all of the sausage (which felt really weird for some reason) and put it on top of the bacon wrap.

Sausage Innards

The next step was to flatten out the sausage, topped it with more rub, fried bacon bits and barbecue sauce. This resulted in:

Ready to Roll

Now the whole thing is ready to be rolled up. First you roll just the sausage, leaving the bacon wrap flat down, and then you roll bacon wrap around that, and as you see, it’s ready to be topped with some more rub and sauce, and put in the oven.

Ready to Cook

You saw what the whole thing looked like cooked, now here is my dinner!


It was magically delicious! This whole thing was a lot of fun really. The most annoying part was having to constantly wash my hands so I could take pictures and Twitter about the experience. Next up will be a bunch of different ways to go about eating the Bacon Explosion, stay tuned!

Mmm… I love Bacon
It’s 5,000 calories
Worth the funeral


Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

If you haven’t heard of the bacon explosion yet, here it is. I just heard about it, and my goal is to make it this weekend. Expect pictures and/or a funeral to follow.

Uploaded file

If you haven’t realized that I like haikus, you’re not paying attention. Bringing together two fantastic things; Bacon Haikus. Here’s the one about the bacon explosion:

Bacon & Sausage
Concoctionus Maximus
Almost too perfect

Push button, receive bacon. I came across this a while ago, and can never look at hand dryers the same way. I want it in t-shirt form…

Uploaded file

Writing a haiku
About a post with haikus
Is a bit meta…