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Admiring Naomi

This was an odd email to get. Shockingly, I did not sign up for this Instagram account…


Whoever did however, is creepy:


Manuel better watch himself.

Does shaking increase the pressure inside a bottle of champagne?

This is a real article. In a real journal. Oh, France…

champagne abs

Let’s also not forget the excellent TOC image:

champagne toc

In case you’re curious, here’s the gist of the conclusion:

“The main outcome of the experiments on shaking is that the pressure inside the bottle does not change “much”, in so far as the system initially was close to Henry equilibrium. This observation then rules out the common belief that shaking a bottle of champagne increases the internal pressure. Significant changes of the pressure do occur if the system initially was far from equilibrium, meaning that stirring the liquid just helps in quickly establishing the equilibrium pressure.”

“If opening occurs just after shaking, the immense majority of bubbles are super-critical, and then effervescence starts fiercely. There is no pressure increase prior to opening, and the pressure in the bottle neck keeps close to zero once the bottle is opened. Gushing only lasts for a few seconds, but can be prolonged by continuous shaking of the bottle. As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the liquid quickly decreases, so does the corresponding Henry pressure PH.”


I’m not sure why this is funny to me. Probably because I’m sleep deprived.



In a shocking bit of news:





That is all.

Risk it!


We made it. Wonder how much my “empty reserve” holds…


Goodbye favorite fabulous driving glasses.

C&EN Onion

Graduate Student Power Tripping After First Nature Publication

After receiving word earlier this morning that the draft of his manuscript submitted to Nature Chemistry was “accepted with minor revisions,” Scripps Research Institute graduate student Caleb Miller has reportedly lapsed into a state of megalomaniacal power tripping.  “I got… accepted… in Nature…” sources report Miller stating, initially with slight trepidation and disbelief.  “got into Nature,” he repeated emphatically.

Since initially learning of the success of his latest publication, Miller’s over inflated sense of self worth and rapidly ballooning ego have made working with him nearly impossible.  “He’s become insufferable,” stated Sarah Ferguson, a first year graduate student.  “I get that being published in Nature is a big deal, but Christ, maybe he could turn it down from eleven?”

“He actually — and I shit you not — demanded that we all refer to him as ‘your highness.’  Who does that?”  Ferguson added.

Reports indicate that Miller then attempted to start a chant of his own name in the lab.  “MILLER!  MILLER!  MILLER!” he chanted while loudly and rhythmically clapping his hands, eventually trailing off as lab members looked on with incredulity.  “What does he think this is, a football game? added Steven Jackson, PhD., one of the lab’s post-docs.  “I’m first author on two Nature papers and one in Science,” he added with slight indignation.

about cenAs of press time, Miller had constructed a crown from Parafilm, borosilicate transfer pipettes, and a large crystallization dish, and had re-purposed a large column for use as a scepter.

You really need to be reading C&EN Onion.

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