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Marathon Training


How I imagine I’ll look.

Running a marathon is one of those things I’ve always wanted to do, just so I can have done it. I don’t like running, it sucks, but maybe because that’s because I suck at it. I’ve tried to get into running a few times, but never seriously.

It is time.

And while we’re at it, let’s start out with a grueling marathon that doesn’t even try and hide it: the Bataan Death March. Really.

lots of people
Thinking about training

8/3: 1 mile (9 mi/min)
9/14: 1 mile (9.2 mi/min)
9/17: 1 mile (8.7 mi/min)
9/20: 1.5 miles (9 mi/min)
9/22: 1 mile (9.7 mi/min)
10/1: 2 miles (9.4 mi/min)
10/5: 1.5 miles (8.9 mi/min)
10/11: 2.5 miles (9.4 mi/min)
10/14: 2.5 miles (10 mi/min)
11/2: 3.5 miles (9.9 mi/min)
11/8: 3.5 miles (10.6 mi/min)
Well, I guess I can kind of run. Short distances. Slowly.


12/26:  Registered for Marathon
I actually registered. In fact, I declined the insurance, where if you back out, you can get some of your money back, that would only tempt me. Stephanie, Joe, and Diana also signed up, so I guess we’re in this together…


How I imagine I’ll feel.


12/26: 5 miles (9.7 mi/min) (at sea level)
Wow, after adapting to living at elevation (Santa Fe is at 1.5 miles), coming back and exercising I feel like a god!

12/30: 1 mile (10.1 mi/min) (hungover)
12/31: 4 miles (12.1 mi/min)
Okay, even elevation doesn’t compensate for running with a hangover, never doing that again. But did get one last run in at sea level, even if it was shorter and slower than my first one. The big difference is that my legs are becoming the limiting factor, not just becoming short of breath.


What I won’t be winning.

Back to Santa Fe

1/13: 6 miles (11.8 mi/min) (back to 1.5 mi elevation)
1/16: 3 miles (9.8 mi/min)
1/19: 2 miles (10.1 mi/min)
That was probably a longer break than I should have taken, but it was icy out, and didn’t seem worth twisting my ankle over. I discovered that running at work is fun, because I can explore some of the areas I never go to. Also, they’re a lot better at shoveling snow and de-icing.

1/30: 4 miles (10.6 mi/min)
2/10: 4 miles (10.2 mi/min)
2/11: 1 mile (9.2 mi/min) (Salida, CO, morning before snowboarding)
Another 11 day gap there. I broke my phone, (dropped it from 2 feet…) and I couldn’t get myself to run without being able to simultaneously track it with RunKeeper, and listen to music.

2/13: 4.5 miles (9.9 mi/min)
2/15: 1 mile (11.8 mi/min) (beer mile)
2/18: 12 miles (11.5 mi/min)
2/25: 3 miles (10.9 mi/min)
2/28: 5 miles (9.5 mi/min)
3/2: 17 miles (12.3 mi/min)
3/5: 1 mile (7.7 mi/min)
Things are getting serious. Did a 12 mile and a 17 mile run. Also tried to see how fast I can run a single mile. That slow 3 mile run was due to trying real running shorts (vs. basketball shorts) and freeballing. I didn’t like either of those.

This morning I’m going to do my last long run before the marathon, a 20 mile run, and then I’m just going to do a lot of short runs before the marathon. Here we go…


2013-07-05 12.08.22

Combining a raspberry pi with XBMC yields raspBMC. A super cheap and convenient media center, with the feeling of accomplishment since you built it yourself. (Even though it’s absurdly easy, I mostly just followed the Howtogeek walkthrough.)

Hooked up to an external hard drive and wired to the internet (sadly no Netflix because of Silverlight licensing), controlled with your phone (via Yatse, although the latest raspMBC update has broken it temporarily), easy stuff.


R.I.P. Reader, Long Live Reader

I should get back into the habit of posting again. I’ll start light.

bacon reader

Apparently, along with Google Reader’s demise, so goes the RSS support of Google Alerts. Damn, no more automatic ego-surfing.

Feedly is serving me well. I tried out Netvibes and The Old Reader, which had their perks, but were too buggy.


Curse you, RRoD

Most people out there are familiar with the BSoD, the blue screen of death. It haunts Windows users, inciting fist shaking in Microsoft’s direction. For Xbox 360 players, an even sadder sight is the red ring of death:

2013-04-28 13.31.46

The RRoD tells you what type of error it is, depending on the number of lights. Three is the number you never want to see, which indicates hardware failure. I could return it to Microsoft, but since I’ve owned this for about 5 years now, it’s well out of its 1 year warranty, and would cost $119 to fix otherwise.

There is an alternative, unorthodox method to fixing the 360; wrapping the machine in towels and praying:

2013-04-28 13.53.16

This actually works sometimes. Essentially, there is a part in the machine which will come loose from overheating. By wrapping it with towels, and leaving it on, you’re forcing overheating, which can reform the connections.

I did it, and it actually worked… for a week. Now it red ringed again, and I need to try it more legitimately, by opening it up and using some thermal paste. Buying a new 360 wouldn’t be ideal, especially since the 720 isn’t far off.


A full 3 months after my arrival in LA, I’m actually getting around to posting this, and maybe finishing off the Dr. Will’s Transcontinental Victory Tour series.

LA was an excellent visit, which was made even more amazing by Andrew’s expert itinerary making skills. This was seriously ridiculously detailed. Amazing.

I started the day wandering around Chinatown, and then explored Exposition Park, including the Rose Garden. The only thing is the Rose Garden was apparently closed, and I only ended up wandering in there by first going through a film shoot, and had trouble escaping. Entertaining. This was mostly killing time until the California Science Center opened, which was filled with tons of cool stuff, most notably, the Endeavor:


After wandering there for a few hours, headed to the Grove and had Umami Burger, mmm. Next up was LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; fun stuff.


Went over to Beverly Hills and wandered around, and finally met up with Andrew for Korean BBQ, and crashed at his place. In the morning I rented a bike and biked around Venice Beach:


After a few hours of biking around, went up to the Getty Center, which had some great art, but the center itself was amazing, in terms of architecture and the view of LA.


Headed down toward Hollywood to wander around, and wow, that is not the glamorous, glitzy neighborhood I was imagining, rather think Times Square before it got cleaned up. Met up with Andrew and we went to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles with Sangwoo. Finally went to the Griffith Observatory. They had a periodic table with samples of each element:


Definitely a fun trip; I can’t see myself living in LA, but a fun city to visit. The tour is almost complete (well, the documentation), only Portland left to go.

Year of Brains





[Igor Morski via Illusion]



On the box they packed the TV into. Neat!

ChuChu Rocket!

After seeing the image below on Lamebook, I was overcome with the urge to buy a Dreamcast and play ChuChu Rocket.


Nostalgia brings me back to going to Nick’s house during lunch in high school, making grilled cheese sandwiches with the Foreman grill, and deep frying things. Them sitting down for a nice (read: stress inducing, awesome) session of


As I headed to eBay, I took pause: maybe by chance they have this on Android? What a wonderful world that would be…
Yes, yes they do.

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