I’m definitely traveling much faster than I’m writing these. (I’m in Kansas City right now.) Posting on my phone is doable, but not super convenient. Packing a month into one backpack definitely meant not bringing a computer.


Chicago: amazing. I now want to live here someday. Got a nice hotel on Grant park, real cheap using the Priceline app, doing the name your own price thing; definitely the way to go.


When I got off the train I was right in front of the Willis tower (formerly the Sears tower), so I went straight for there. As you can see above, they have little glass box extensions so you can dangle 103 stories above: scary but awesome. Took a trolley tour around the city too.


Ate lots of pizza: Lou Malnati’s and Pizano’s. I wouldn’t want it to replace normal thin crust pizza, but delicious nonetheless. (That’s probably how people here feel about thin crust?)


Saw Sue, the largest and most complete T-rex ever found. The Field museum was really great all around.
Next up: Milwaukee!

One Comment on “Chicago”

  1. Aunt Sue says:

    Thanks for the update! Great pics. Enjoy the rest of the journey, may it be even better than the first parts.

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