Curse you, RRoD

Most people out there are familiar with the BSoD, the blue screen of death. It haunts Windows users, inciting fist shaking in Microsoft’s direction. For Xbox 360 players, an even sadder sight is the red ring of death:

2013-04-28 13.31.46

The RRoD tells you what type of error it is, depending on the number of lights. Three is the number you never want to see, which indicates hardware failure. I could return it to Microsoft, but since I’ve owned this for about 5 years now, it’s well out of its 1 year warranty, and would cost $119 to fix otherwise.

There is an alternative, unorthodox method to fixing the 360; wrapping the machine in towels and praying:

2013-04-28 13.53.16

This actually works sometimes. Essentially, there is a part in the machine which will come loose from overheating. By wrapping it with towels, and leaving it on, you’re forcing overheating, which can reform the connections.

I did it, and it actually worked… for a week. Now it red ringed again, and I need to try it more legitimately, by opening it up and using some thermal paste. Buying a new 360 wouldn’t be ideal, especially since the 720 isn’t far off.

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