Hello world

I have nothing specific to say, but it’s been a while, so here’s some jumbled incoherence for you.

913Despite the destruction of Reader sharing as I knew it, I’m sticking with it for now, and for the first time in weeks, this little icon says something other than 1000+:

Lab has been super busy, but stuff is working… maybe. Frustratingly close to being ready to publish on a couple things. Soon… Been spending some time up at NIST, which is fun, as well as JHU. I apparently really like commuting even longer than usual.

Been going to a bunch of shows recently. Most hilarious was Melt-Banana, which can be summed up by their picture:


I made some more key lime pie recently. Mmmm… Also, grilled lots of meat last night:


Definitely time for another big BBQ and/or bacon party soon.

Been getting into lab earlier than usual, and have been drinking even more coffee than usual as a result. In related issues, almost out of coffee from Costa Rica. Does NSF have emergency funds for these kind of situations?

Like HP, I’ve finally abandoned WebOS, and my Palm Pre, and have joined the Android world. Swype is fun. Very gratifying to have it guess my words right. Some words are really fun, like banana.

Everything is excellent.

Posting for the sake of it
Time for more coffee


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