Kansas City


Kansas City is like ‘The Tale of Two Cities’,* if instead of London and Chicago, it was about New York and an even sadder version of Detroit.


Kansas City, MO has good things, like happy people, good bbq, normal sized buildings. What does Kansas City, KS have? Sadness. That is their only industry.
When I was wandering KS for something to do, (for about 45 minutes, unsuccessfully**) I discovered on Wikipedia that KC, KS was a dry county until relatively recently. That’s the only connection I can make.

*I tried to read this, I really did. Not even just back in high school, when you are bitter about being forced to read books. It was recently, when I read them for fun. For fun! Apparently, Dickens was paid by the word to write. This is painfully obvious.

**In order for me to count that I have truly been in a state and cross it off my list, I have to have done something. Driving through, or airport layovers don’t count. For Kansas, I’m going to count wandering around, searching for something to do, because that sounds like the epitome of Kansas.

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