Movies from 35,000 feet


Traveling to the Philippines is about a 24 hour trip ending with a 13 hour time change. I’ve never traveled nearly this far, but this sounds like a recipe for extreme jet lag. Since we plans at night, the best plan sounds like staying awake as much as possible.

I was unsure if I’d be able to read a lot without falling asleep, but that was the plan. Until I saw the selection of free movies that Emirates has. New plan: catch up on all of those movies I never got around to seeing.

Battleship: As far as I know, the best movie based on a board game of the year. The decade. The century. All time (excluding 1985).

The Bourne Legacy: Lots of action, fun, exactly what I expected and wanted.

Prometheus: Eh. Pretty, but not a big fan.

The Amazing Spider-man: Fun superhero movie, and just as emo as you’d expect Spider-man to be.

Total Recall (the new one): It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the original, but I remember it being really good. Not so much with the remake.

Citizen Kane: Never got around to seeing this before, I can see why it gets all that praise.

Also rewatched the Matrix and the Dark Knight Rises. Hopefully they have a new selection for the trip back. (Is 35,000 feet cruising altitude? That sounds right, and I don’t care enough to check.)

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