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An ode to rotisserie

A response to my Thanksgiving invitation:

A rotisserie is like a really morbid Ferris wheel for chickens.
It’s a really strange concept. We will kill a chicken, impale it.
Then rotate it slowly over a wood fire.
And I’ll be damned if I’m not hungry.
Cause spinning chicken carcasses make my mouth water.
I prefer dizzy chicken, with a side of potatoes of some sort.

Rotisserie Turkey


OpenSnow, can’t you at least lie to me?

nm snow

Admiring Naomi

This was an odd email to get. Shockingly, I did not sign up for this Instagram account…


Whoever did however, is creepy:


Manuel better watch himself.

Does shaking increase the pressure inside a bottle of champagne?

This is a real article. In a real journal. Oh, France…

champagne abs

Let’s also not forget the excellent TOC image:

champagne toc

In case you’re curious, here’s the gist of the conclusion:

“The main outcome of the experiments on shaking is that the pressure inside the bottle does not change “much”, in so far as the system initially was close to Henry equilibrium. This observation then rules out the common belief that shaking a bottle of champagne increases the internal pressure. Significant changes of the pressure do occur if the system initially was far from equilibrium, meaning that stirring the liquid just helps in quickly establishing the equilibrium pressure.”

“If opening occurs just after shaking, the immense majority of bubbles are super-critical, and then effervescence starts fiercely. There is no pressure increase prior to opening, and the pressure in the bottle neck keeps close to zero once the bottle is opened. Gushing only lasts for a few seconds, but can be prolonged by continuous shaking of the bottle. As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the liquid quickly decreases, so does the corresponding Henry pressure PH.”

Chemists Know

via Chemjobber


I’m not sure why this is funny to me. Probably because I’m sleep deprived.


LinkedIn is mean

mean linked in


When someone is a grad student, this is mean. 6 years is fine, but it’s at the point you probably don’t want congratulations on still being there. If this number gets to 7 or 8, that’s when I murder anyone who says “congrats”.

25 Reasons I’m Getting Cancer

cancerReally the 10 reasons I’m getting cancer, and the 15 reasons I’m probably getting cancer.

Chemjobber alerted me that Department of Health and Human Services released their 13th Report on Carcinogens. Some of this is just normal life exposure (Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, Tobacco Smoke, Environmental), but a lot of this is just because I’m a synthetic chemist. Sure I take reasonable safety precautions, but my exposure to bad things is higher than lots of people.

Known To Be Human Carcinogens:

Alcoholic Beverage Consumption
Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds
Cadmium and Cadmium Compounds
Ethylene Oxide
Nickel Compounds (see Nickel Compounds and Metallic Nickel)
Solar Radiation (see Ultraviolet Radiation Related Exposures)
Strong Inorganic Acid Mists Containing Sulfuric Acid
Tobacco Smoke, Environmental (see Tobacco-Related Exposures)

Reasonably Anticipated To Be Human Carcinogens:

Lead and Lead Compounds
Propylene Oxide
Ultraviolet Radiation A (see Ultraviolet Radiation Related Exposures)
Ultraviolet Radiation B (see Ultraviolet Radiation Related Exposures)
Ultraviolet Radiation C (see Ultraviolet Radiation Related Exposures)

These last three are a bit odd considering Solar Radiation is listed in the known list, especially since Sunlamps/Sunbeds is listed in the known section as well. (Not on my list, that’s stupid.) Also, this reminds me of how awesome it is that CVS no longer sells cigarettes.

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